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The ERG Group is a leading independent operator of clean energy from renewable sources, operating in nine countries at European level.

The leading wind power operator in Italy and among the top ten in Europe, the Group is also active in solar energy production where it ranks in the top five in Italy. A major player in the oil market until 2008, ERG radically changed its business portfolio by anticipating long-term energy scenarios through a successful business transformation towards a sustainable development model: today the company is a leading European player in the renewable energy sector. In 2021, the Group embarked on a major asset rotation to complete its transformation to a pure “Wind&Solar” business model.

ERG in the UK

ERG in the United Kingdom: a player committed to the UK energy transition.

We have had a presence in the United Kingdom since 2016, and we see it as a key market for our business: the country has enormous renewable energy potential and we want to play a central part in harnessing it for the good of its inhabitants, economy and environment.

We are committed to operating our wind farms and developing new projects in the United Kingdom on a long-term basis and are keen to share ideas and work together with policymakers and local communities to promote best-practice and further the UK’s energy transition ambitions.​ As the world transitions to a greater amount of energy from renewable sources, we are proud to be contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change by investing in wind energy across the UK: we strongly believe in a sustainable development model able to connect daily life needs with environmental ones.

Previously an oil company until 2008, we embraced change to become a multi-energy group, transforming into an international leader in the renewable energy sector in just a few short years.

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Our Projects in the UK

We are working on the development of several onshore wind farm projects both in Scotland and Northern Ireland.​

We have already commissioned two wind farms in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland – Craiggore and Evishagaran – with a capacity of 23.5 MW and 46.8 MW respectively. The two wind farms have an estimated annual power production of almost 260 GWh, enough for more than 47,500 average NI households, with more than 110 kt of CO2 avoided per year.

In Scotland, the construction of the Sandy Knowe wind farm with a capacity of 86,4 MW and the Creag Riabhach wind farm with 92,4 MW are completed, having, with regards to Sandy Knowe, the first 50 MW in operation. Sandy Knowe and Creag Riabhach will have an estimated annual power production of about 529 GWh, enough for more than 133,000 average scottish households, with about 250 kt of CO2 avoided per year.

In line with our Business Plan that provides for a quasi-regulated business model, 85-90% of EBITDA from the green energy produced by our wind farms will be covered by Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or Contracts for difference (CfDs).

Our wind farms in operation:



Our wind farms under construction:

Creag Riabhach

Sandy Knowe


With the focus on renewable energy and our significant growth in the UK and Europe, the presence of COP26 in Glasgow was an important opportunity for ERG to position itself and try to push conference participants towards an ambitious agreement. This is why we at ERG wanted to be there: to share our experience as a “green” company and our future plans. A story of transformation that can be an example not only for other companies but also for governments and international institutions, because it shows how climate targets can be achieved, as well as the complete decarbonisation of our production systems allowing our own transition towards a Net Zero model.

To engage locals on the key role played by renewables in the energy transition process, the industry has to offer an effective and attractive vision of the future.

During the 2021 event “Opportunities for a Greener Transition: Italian Industry’s Best Practices in the UK towards Net Zero”, organised jointly by UK and Italian governments, we illustrated the challenges the sector is facing on acceptability and permitting of new renewable plants.

In particular, we have focused the attention on the importance of engagement with local territories on the key role played by renewables in the energy transition process. With our hackathon Beyond Net Zero, we have gone in this direction, looking for innovative ideas for an ERG business strategy beyond 2025.

ERG Business Strategy

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